Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New Mixtape

Hello! Long time no speak, since February I believe he he! How's it all going? Good stuff, okay so I have been very busy, I have some projects on the line, but most of them are mashups as I haven't actually got round to using Ableton yet or anything else... I used to use Looptastic for the iPhone, but I sorta of think that's cheating, but I love simplicity when I make music, I don't want to fuss around with FL Studios or anything like that, but Ableton seems to be very simple indeed.
So here is a present for you and for me to showcase, it's my new mixtape! Really, I am so thrilled to show this beauty off because I think it's one of the best!


It is actually from my second alias I started just a few months ago actually. Ameelia is my new alias where I make the more complicated mash-ups. so this is my new mix, I have made a summer mixtape which is on Mixcloud... So I'll get that link for you right now...


Hope you enjoy both of my Mix-tapes! I'll see you in my next blog post which shall be the podcasts I promised to post, and also my brand new projects and I will also showcase some of my mash-up ideas as well! Stay tuned and keep on dancing!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Projects & Top 5 Podcasts

Hello there my little EDM lovers, good to see you reading my blog again he he :)

I can't believe it! I can't make UMF this year and Coachella! So frustrating ha ha! So many amazing artists, new and old playing, that I love listening too, impossible to pay off my debts on my credit card... from last February heh. But I guess I will be able to go when my debts are cleared and I'm in the all clear money wise, I will be so upset if I can't make them both yet again, 3rd year it will be if I can't go.

London Fashion Week at the moment, so I've been trying to split my ways between the both of my passions, music and fashion. Pretty amazing collection, Jasper Conran and Kinder Aggugini are my favourites so far, still need to catch up on New York fashion week, but it's hard to check out all the main designers for this autumn coming, it's strange Fashion isn't fellas? Spring/Summer collections happened last September/October/November, and Autumn/Winter this February... weird or no? Anyways back to music!

So my projects at the moment are pretty lonely right now, the in and out box is pretty much empty, and my mind has gone blank, I've had a few ideas, but only for my other alias 'Francisco Drive' http://www.facebook.com/franciscodrive check me out he he! Pretty much mostly nu-disco, synth, sounds like college and cadillac, but a lot of more vocalised? Is that even a word? Hah! So below are some of the projects I have completed:
  • Manhattan (Original Mix) - The London Girl
  • American Dream/California Girl (Francisco Drive Mashup) - Jakatta & Sherlock Tones
  • The World is a Danger Zone (LDNG Dangerous Mashup) - Hardwell & Gwen Stefani
  • ID/One More Night In Tokyo (Francisco Drive Mashup) - Avicii & Flashworx
  • Daddy/Yeah (LDNG Daddy Mashup) - Emeli Sandé & Boys Noize
  • Digits Answers (The London Girl Mashup) - Mele & College
  • I Like That/Girls (The London Girl Mashup) - Static Revenger & Richard Vission & Quintino
  • Raider is Dangerous (LDNG Mash-Up) - Quintino & BoA
And many more, they are just a few of my RECENT mashups, made my first actually produced track, Manhattan, inspired by of course, Manhattan... I really loved making that and listening to it back and thinking "I wish it could be big!?" he he.
Okay so, All of the music projects are finished for the moment, so much to do, just started working in a bar, so very very busy girl... Still making mashups, but only when I will be able to grab my laptop and say to myself  "Yes, I do have about 8 ideas for songs to use but, I haven't got anything that will suit each song..." You know what I mean? I've tried mashing everything together, two songs that didn't go great, but do now, it the Daddy/Yeah mashup? That was tough, because Daddy has a more delicate vocal then Yeah, I really didn't expect the second try to be that good he he!

On to the next thing... My top 5 podcasts, which will be in a completely different post to this, just to make it easy to read and understand :)
I love making lists of my top 5's, but when you don't have 5, it's tricky, So I'll have to go through each podcast I own and see which is best ha ha! :)
Anyways, my dear EDM lovers, thank you once again for reading, you can find some of the remixes back over on my soundcloud page... http://www.soundcloud.com/thelondongirly :)

Take good care of yourselves!?
Clarissa! <3

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Full of Loving Life.

Hello. This is my new blog!
Really am looking foward to keeping this updated as much as I can. I will be posting pretty much everything I do here, all my project news will be here, my other alias 'Francisco Drive' will also appear here too :)
So hello there beauties! My name is Clare, but I do like to be called Clarissa, it's one of my nicknames that my family call me he he... So here it is, my little new blog :)

We're going to start off by going through my projects, including my new podcast, or mix tape.
This shall feature some great little tracks I have adored for many years now, from Chicago House, Ambient, Electronic to 90s Jungle and 90s trance, all the way through to todays styles, such as dutch house, electro house, fidget, dancehall and a little dubstep. I think all of these genre's have become famous only because of certain artists within each genre, such as Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Daft Punk, Frankie Knuckles, Paul Van Dyk, Brian Eno, Future Sound of London and so many more. You get my jift right? I follow all of these amazing producers, mainly FSOL, Daft Punk and Brian Eno...
I was born 1989, so I didn't hear much Chicago house etc when I was growing up because it was dying out, because Jungle/Rave took over for the first years of the 1990s, then it was, in my own views, taken over by Electronic, then it was Dance, then House music, then Dutch house, Dancehall... In my opinion anyway.
Myself, I love playing tracks from these genre's, but I believe some of the older genre's such as Chicago House & 90s Jungle should really make a come back onto the Beatport official charts!

So let's get started shall we?
Next post shall be about my projects I am planning, favorite tracks of the month, new podcast/mix, etc :)
See you all soon darlings!
Yours truly,

The London Girl AKA Clarissa.